Completing my first Rapha Festive 500

The Festive 500 digital badge

Traditionally, my week between Christmas and New Year has been primarily reserved for quality family time. This has always clashed with the Rapha Festive 500, an annual event that takes place between December 24th to 31st. Cyclists from all over the globe are given these eight days to ride a total of 500km; in the past, those who completed this challenge would receive a cloth roundel from Rapha but this year, Rapha has moved to a digital badge, no doubt due to the uniqueness of 2020’s situation.

I’ve never participated in this event before due to my aforementioned family engagements, but I suppose this year’s pandemic could be seen as a silver lining among 2020’s storm clouds. I’ve also been inspired by people completing the challenge in one single ride in the past – the YouTuber Francis Cade being the chief inspiration for this particular instance of it.

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