About Me

Hello, my name is Adrian Tung, but you can call me Adrian. I’m part cyclist, part photographer, part videographer, part gamer, and part code monkey. Also possibly an eldritch abomination from beyond time and space, though that may or may not be true. If this were a roleplaying game, I’d be horribly inefficient with this much of multiclassing but eh, that’s who I am.

But to the point, I am what some people might call a Content Creator, although the terms Influencer of YouTuber are also often thrown around in this circle, but I think I’d stick with Content Creator. Less social stigma, more generic, and so on.

“I ride bicycles. I take videos while riding bicycles.”

So what do I do? I ride bicycles. I take videos while riding bicycles. I make videos talking about riding bicycles, and anything that might be remotely related. Well, at least that’s the main gist of my “brand”. Yeah, us Content Creators like to bandy this “brand” thing around. I’m still not quite used to it yet, I am still a very new and budding one after all (though one day hopefully I’ll be up there with all the big names… one day. Hopefully, that is.)

This website – this blog – serves as the more serious, more focused, part of my “brand” where I publish lengthy, detailed articles about… uh… “stuff”. Yeah, that’s it. Stuff… as opposed to other social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter which are for much, much shorter, quick and rapid-fire things that take a lot less time to develop and publish.

And that’s the gist about it. So while we’re at it, here’s a very shameless plug to go visit all my other social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube – especially YouTube, and go follow/like/subscribe to them all to help grow my brand. Your support is much, much appreciated!