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Hi there. You may or may not have noticed a big change to this website. To cut to the chase, I wasn’t updating the old site much. I’ve changed focus, significantly. I didn’t have the time to constantly update the old site as much as I wanted; I had let it rot and fester. But the big takeaway is that I’ve changed focus, and a lot of the content from the old site is no longer relevant, so I need a new facelift. A rebranding, so to speak.

So here we are. The new Adrian Tung dot Net blog. What’s this new site all about now?

The major focus of this website is to host longer, lengthy articles related to my… uh… “brand”. Yeah, I think that’s the right word for it. “Brand”. All the big social media people… the “Content Creators”, all talk about branding and such.

My brand is cycling-focused, but not just any form of cycling. After all, it falls into many disciplines, from commuting to racing to touring and such. Me, I am more of an ultra-endurance cyclist. In layman’s terms, we’re those crazy guys who go out and cycling insanely huge distances, unsupported, for the heck of it. Although I do have a racer’s personality too, but just not cut out for actual racing. My featherweight – nay, super-duper ultra-featherweight – body size just isn’t cut out for the racing scene. Perhaps one day, but for now, ultra-cycling will do.

So what you will find on my blog will be articles related to endurance cycling, long distance cycling, cycling gear, and whatever else I can think of that relates to the things that I do. But the nature of such things means that I will still not update this blog on a regular basis. Nay, for quick hits I have other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter for that. This will be for the lengthy, Wordy McWordy articles that are worth sitting back and spending a lot of time writing, editing and polishing. That’s what this blog is for.

But what of my old content, you may ask? Fear not. I have not removed it completely. I have merely retired them and you can still find all my old stuff here, though I am not certain how long I will want to keep the old content. Maybe I’ll leave them be for posterity’s sake, or maybe eventually I will purge them from the website. Regardless, all the old stuff is there for now.

And if you made it this far, thanks for reading. I look forward to adding brand new content to this website, and I certainly hope that you will also look forward to reading the articles that I publish.

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  1. Great!
    Yes, sometimes it is easier to start a clean slate and move on.
    Looking forward to more great reads herein.
    Keep writing Adrian.

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